How To: Photograph Your Own Home When Selling

interior-homeA great percentage of all home buyers start their search for a new home online. So it’s important that you create real estate listings that are visually appealing and attractive to buyers. A well-constructed real estate listing will have great images, and this will help to encourage buyers to inquire.

You don’t need to be a great photographer to take a great photograph of your home; all you need is a reasonable camera and a bit of patience. Before you start to click away you need to stage each room and plan the sequence of images that you are going to use. Think about the features of your home that first attracted you, and the features that buyers will like such as, a feature staircase, fireplace, or picture windows.

Here are some of the tips to photograph your home when selling:

Photograph your home when it looks at its best, so give it a good clean and tidy. Remove all clutter, but don’t go too far, as you want to portray not only a home but a lifestyle. Your pictures, magazines, and furniture will all help to show buyers how your house could look when they move in.

  • Turn on all lights in the room. Indoor lighting will add warmth and atmosphere to your pictures giving great photographic quality. You should also choose the time of the day when there is the best lighting. Light is at its most flattering a couple of hours before sunset, or in the morning, two hours after sunrise.
  • Take your time. Give yourself plenty of time to take the photographs as the images you take are a powerful tool in selling your home.
  • Photograph the room from a corner. This is an interesting technique that will enable you to show off as much of the room as possible.
  • Check your work. Take a sequence of pictures then check how they look. Life looks different through a camera so don’t be afraid to re-take images until you are happy with the results.
  • Include features. Features add value and desirability to a home so remember to include these in your images.

If you’re not happy with the photographs you have taken, you can employ the services of a professional photographer or even ask a friend who is keen on photography. It’s important to use great images in your real estate listing because great images sell.